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We are Signs of Stillness!

When we're not making alternative gothic metal music (in our own studio), we're often finding and creating new things for our fans!

Everything in this shop is hand-selected by us personally, and very item is meant to bring a sense of magic & wandering to your home or wardrobe.

These days we have to go the extra mile to create the atmosphere and peace we desire in these crazy times. Fashion and music can do wonders for the soul!

That's why you'll see more than just our music on the Shop of Stillness. We really love to inspire you to conduct an inward search and find the magic within!

Something that surprises many of our fans when they first learn about us is we're actually a married couple who have been devoted to each other for over 20 years! We were barely out of our teenage years when we got together.

We love to walk in nature and discover new ideas and cultures through study and art. One day we hope to tour and visit your city! 

Thanks again for stopping by. 

With love,